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6 definitions by ExecUtron

Getting up and looking into the toilet before flushing to see what's there.
Even though he was in a hurry, Buford performed a "Howdy Doody" before finished his business.
by ExecUtron May 02, 2007
31 14
A person who has the ability to know what a horse is thinking.
When we couldn't find out what was the matter with Thunderbolt, we called Stacey the Equestridomus.
by ExecUtron May 02, 2007
7 0
A very week WiFi signal.
Seeing your neighbor's unsecured WeeFi signal, but not being able to connect to it.
by ExecUtron May 02, 2007
8 1
A condition whereby your neighbor sets-up a WiFi network in their home and forgets to set-up any security, making it accessible to you and everyone else in the neighborhood.
Bob all but gave up on Broadband until he noticed the Neighborly Throughput available in his area.
by ExecUtron May 02, 2007
5 0
Having to throw up, but keeping yourself from doing so.
After eating too many snails, he was able to degurgitate by swallowing rapidly and rocking back and forth.
by ExecUtron May 02, 2007
4 1
A woman fixated on proper posture, especially when exercising.
Shelly, being the consummate Ergonominatrix, was always yelling at Daniel to keep his shoulders down!
by ExecUtron September 02, 2008
1 0