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1) n. a person who is too lazy to Boil Water so that he can eat dinner. A Howard will go for Minutes without food because no one heard him yell, "Hey can I have some of Your soup, I'm too tired to cook my own."
2) adj. a person who is unable to make the effort to CALL the pizza company. and ends up eating leftover spaghetti because quote: " Its too much effort to pick up the phone and call Dominoes. I'd rather just find something in the fridge and microwave it...well, maybe in few hours I will."
a College Freshman.
"Dude, freshman get on my nerves, they're too howard to go to the cafeteria to get lunch on Saturdays."
Also, a Sophmore who acts like said freshman
"You're so howard, I mistook you for a fish"
anyone over 350 pounds
"watch out, another howard is walking up to the buffet line"
by Phoebator February 09, 2008

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