The Democratic candidate hoping to run for the White House again, and also chairman for the Democratic National Committee. He sure has the enthusiasm, if not way too much of it.
Howard Dean: Fuck John Kerry, we will defeat Condi Rice! We'll make it in 2008! AAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWRRRR!!!!!
by Your Mom December 11, 2004
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Better than Clinton,Gore or Kerry!
-Howard Dean

^An actual quote from Howard Dean
to loose control over one self and scream at people. usually it consists of screaming, YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH at the top of your lungs till your face turns red and you pass out. it is a condition that can't be cured.
You see the crazy guy over in the corner? yeah, man he is really howard dean'n now.
by Futami February 14, 2004
To fuck a girl and then at climax scream:

It is also important to use the arm swining motion in conjunction.
The reason your grandma is in the hospital is because I inadvertently punched her in the face when I was Howard Deaning her.
by Tom Tom, not John John August 24, 2007
Howard " I have a scream" Dean
Very unsucsessfull candidate for Democratic nomination for President. Former Vermont Governor. Enjoys crazy liberal antics, and yelling at old people. Often seen with a midget for a sidekick.
Howard Dean enjoys yelling at small children before he eats them.
by John Edwards January 17, 2005
adj. To lose one's self in a moment; to react with inappropriate emotion; to over react
It was a civilized discussion about bananaphones until Bill went Howard Dean on us.
by attilathahun February 04, 2004
The new poster child for the Democratic Party short bus.
drool drool drool YAAAAARGH!!!!
by cue the Woody Woodpecker theme January 30, 2005
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