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A psycho; pure and simple. He yells and screams when campaigning. He likes this a lot.
Howard Dean impression:
by A Hoosier December 11, 2004
89 79
The Village Idiot
Howard Dean needs to go back to his village because it is missing its idiot.
by Governator April 03, 2004
47 37
A Really bad Candidate that is not going to:
Texas, California, Oregon, Or Washington D.C.
Howard Dean is The worst Candidate Since Al Sharpton.
by Poopermanxxx February 10, 2004
46 36

aiye aiye aiye aiye aiye aiye aiye
oh yeah,we want this guy to have his finger on the button....
by kat January 23, 2004
41 31
A lberal elite born in a sheltered life of money and socialist dogma. From his secret hideout in Vermont he hopes to emerge as the smearmeister of Bush-bashers par excellent from the nine hopeless losers called candidates. Face it folks, smearing ones opponent does not make the smearer the better choice.
Bush in 2004..easily
by picklehaubster December 14, 2003
44 34
A crazy man who scream "ARGHHHHHHHH" but amazingly someone has finally out-crazied him:

John Edwards:"If Kerry is elected,people like Christopher Reeve will get up out of their wheelchairs and walk"


Since there's "NO WAY" they can deliver on that false campaign promise,I think it's safe to say they are LIARS as well as a bit LOONEY! -LMAO!!!
by game over,libs are whackos October 13, 2004
50 41
The act of being LESS THAN John Kerry.
Dean < John Kerry

How do you lose to someone as retarded as Kerry?

answer: "YEEEEEEEAAAAARRRRGH!!!!!!!!!"
60 52