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An extremely useful device for handicapped people or pirates. It is used to ride around on much like a motorized wheelchair.
"Man, I was at WalMart today and a pirate rode up to me on a HoverRound and yelled 'FUCK!!!' at me."
by Pr0ph3t March 28, 2003
personal motorized vehicle. Also available with a vacuum cleaner called the HooveRound. Sold under the name of RoverHound as a fetching device for dyslexics.
"Please pass the HoveRound".
by Dean Morris August 05, 2003
A satanic peice of machinerey that can move people to and from any point in the space time continueum... or the grand canyon...
by Anthony May 13, 2003
A device used to transport people who cannot walk for themselves.

Slang for a person who dates someone of a much younger age.

It is also fun to substitute other words to yell, like "Drinkaround!" or "Smokearound" or "Cuparound!"
I was at the casino and this old lady kept hitting me in the back of the legs with her HoverRound... I spat on her kitten sweatshirt.

There goes Kara with her boyfriend... HOVERROUND!!!!!

by ILoveThom'sChickenDance December 01, 2003
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