somewhere where people live
my home
by muneca October 18, 2003
The exact opposite of a tool.
Yo, you're a tool dude. Naw man I'm not a tool I'm a f*ckin house.
by Eric Bateman October 08, 2006
(verb) HOUSE, HOUSING, HOUSTED, acronym, H.O.U.S.E. (Homies Out Utilizing Shit Everywhere)

making a place homey like your home especially somwhere you don't live you can even HOUSE your own home or HOUSE the body of a sexual partner. Can be done anywhere and everywhere to everything
C-baby: yo, nigga my car just broke down
Cdi22le: oh well nigga, we HOUSING hardbody on this highway
C-baby: Oh, we gonna HOUSE!!!
by cdi22le September 03, 2010
A word used to describe self-hating African Americans who sell out their race in order to achieve higher status or to get approval from Caucasians. The word is often used inappropriately by black Americans to other blacks who behave intelligently, or do not behave like stereotypical negroes. A typical house negro gets rich, and then finds a token white wife to put on his arm, and does not associate with blacks. The antonym of house is field.

Watch Ice Cube's True To The Game on YouTube to see some examples of house in this sense.
OJ Simpson is a house negro, as well as a murderer.
by AntonAk August 26, 2006
The word "house" preceded by forms of the verb "to get" or similar verbs, is a colloquial term referring to a type of applause that occurs during a musical performance, especially an exhibition of jazz music. The musicians work to build incredible intensity, or other various, clever emotional connections to their audience, and when overcome by feelings of joy and appreciation, members may immediately and briefly clap, whistle or shout, to show their feelings of appreciation to the musician or musicians performing on stage. This type of display is inappropriate in various other settings, such as performances of traditional classical music.
"The sax player is playing a swingin' solo, and I'm glad he's really getting house!"

"Benny Goodman's solo was amazing, and throughout the three minutes he got so much house."

"Performing Thad Jones' sax soli brought a lot of house tonight."

by whooa April 10, 2006
etym: first used by members of Team Sped in or around 1996

1. In Magic: the Gathering, a creature with power and toughness each greater than or equal to 3
2. In Magic: the Gathering, a dominating creature
3. A person of large physical dimensions
Dude. Craw Worm is totally an 8/8 house.

Rosie O'Donnel is a house.
by Darklight March 10, 2005
Another term used to describe kids who wear their pants much lower than their waist-line. AKA, "to sag". Others like to mock those that are "Housing" by yelling "House" as they enter the room or are first seen.
Yo man, your mother know how low you are housing them pants?
by June 12, 2004

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