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When a group of friends go out to drink alcoholic beverages, usually on a college campus, (i.e. Drexel University) and the evening is remembered through alcohol intake, hook-ups, and social highlights at breakfast/lunch the next morning, you have most likely been a Shitty Show. It can also be presented at one word: ShittyShow, to describe your state during the partying hours. To have the term apply to your particular behavior however you must: Have been loud, obnoxious and otherwise intolerably drunk, Have hooked up with numerous people or one random party-goer repeatedly throughout the night, At some point been running from any two points of interest for no apparent reason, and finally Have a completely spotted memory of the prior events. If that is you, you qualify as a ShittyShow. Congratulations.
"Oh my god Ali, You were such a Shitty Show last night..."
"This weekend we are going to be such a ShittyShow!!"
by BL4L January 13, 2007
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