1) to steal
2) to take away


old school dance music that later spawned freestyle
That motherfucker housed my last mixed house tape!
by FLB/NYC March 11, 2003
Adjective: To have consumed a substantial amount of alcohol. Aka to be absurdly wasted.
After his twenty second keg stand, Koby was housed.
by Jazzum March 12, 2005
When a person of African American decent acts and is extremely white. The archetypical "House" African American would be Carleton on the popular 90's sitcom "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"
"Man did you see Tiger Woods wearing that pink shirt and yachting shoes?" "That is so house!"
by JJDawg February 19, 2006
#1. To be an ass.
#2. To be ass-like.

Also see House-hole.
#1. " I can't beleive you said that! You are such a house!"
#2. " Take that back you, house!"
by Michael House August 28, 2007
to eat quickly, or to do
Man, I just housed so much Burger King.
by Dave Cifelli April 17, 2003
The most desired thing by people who attend raves.
"I can give you sex, I can give you drugs and what I certaintly can give you is House!...Sex and drugs and House!"
by Tommy May 21, 2004
Elite style of music that comprise of a consistent pounding beat with synth and bass over the top,done differently from techno and trance. It is the main clubbers choice and is reat to dance to.
'Although Erick Morillo is a twat and looks like a giant foetus, he does bang out some qualitay house music'
by J January 29, 2005

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