A hat for your kitties.
We have to get a big house with lots of space.
by Kitty Hat April 03, 2011
(verb) to make a place like your home
nigga1: yo i just banged a fat chick

nigga2: good job

nigga1: not really she's tryna house in my bed
by cdi22le August 31, 2010
noun. : A prison cell.
The letter is back in my house, I'll grab it after count.
by NotYourAvgWhiteGirl March 15, 2009
v: To swallow some sort of substance, most commonly a pill, without any liquid when a liquid is usually needed. Inspired by House M.D.
Person #1: Do you want water to take with that?

Person #2: Nah, I'll just house it.
by Mister Gray September 29, 2010
To take back a punt, kickoff, interception or blocked field goal for a touchdown.
As the Steeler returner breaks a Viking tackle an excited Pitt fan yells, "Oh yeah dude, HOUSE!!!!"
by French Plochman September 24, 2009
Verb. To quickly consume an entire alcoholic drink in one attempt without taking a breath.

He housed his beer in three gulps.
You lost the bet, so house your drink!
by Paige Christiansen October 02, 2007
Another word for cool. More commonly used then the word cool. So if you think your cool, use the word house instead of cool. The word is like using the word cool but on steriods. Better then cool, awesome, amazing, gangsta, ect.
1. I'm so house, its not even funny.
by Lisa your momma's pimp February 15, 2009

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