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When a man puts his testicles into a woman's vagina and then rubs his penis between her butt cheeks.
She didn't want to have sex or anal, so we had a hot dog in a bun.
by Henie Minie April 18, 2011

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When An Erect Male Lays on The Bad And Pulls His Erection Towards His Belly Button, And The Female Procceeds To Sit On HIs Now Horizontal Penis Causing A "Hotdog In A Bun" Situation
Man My Girlfriend And I Tried The Hotdog In A Bun Last Night In Bed...
by GreyHyde December 25, 2010
What a girl sees when she's getting titty fucked.
You need big tits to make the perfect hotdog in a bun! Girl on her back and boy on top.
by heavy hangers (*)(*) April 17, 2014
When a girl's vagina is overused and is too big for normal size penis.
"dayyyyyummmmmm that girl last night had a hot dog in a bun"
by jajajajajajajajajajajajaj February 04, 2009