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When An Erect Male Lays on The Bad And Pulls His Erection Towards His Belly Button, And The Female Procceeds To Sit On HIs Now Horizontal Penis Causing A "Hotdog In A Bun" Situation
Man My Girlfriend And I Tried The Hotdog In A Bun Last Night In Bed...
by GreyHyde December 25, 2010
First Perform The Hotdog In A Bun, Then Have The Female Slowly Stand Until The Male's Erection "Swipes" Her Vagina
Man 1: Man, I Swiped My Wife Last Night.
Man 2: Your So Lucky, I Only Got To The Hotdog In A Bun, If Only I Could Get Her To Try The Swipe...
by GreyHyde December 25, 2010
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