i disgusting store for punk and or goth losers
goth: were fat and ugly lets go to hot topic so we can look intresting

punk:ok we can listen to bands on the way
by Jennifer Taylor February 29, 2004
The fuckin gayest store ive ever seen omg people that shop their need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by me October 01, 2003
a store that ugly tom boy, freaky, losers
shop and try to be original. psh.. hot topic is for ugly people that cover themself up with black makeup and chains to cover up there uglyness. they are jelous of preps and wish they could be as wonderful as them and shop at abercrombie and fitch and hollister. the store is scary and i never ever ever want to go in there.
death metal freak:
"death death death...suicide.. im cool and hardcore because i shop at hottopic..now its time to listen to metal. ROARRR!

normal person:
"you need help"
by Jessica B to the A August 08, 2005

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