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see retarded
Person 1: "Dude fucking religion makes more sense then you"

Person 2: "fuck you cunt"
by robsayfuckthesystem December 03, 2008
A place for people who dont know jack shit about music (or any fucking thing for that matter) to shop. If you see a women walking around with a hot topic bag it usually means they have a low I.Q. and are easy. If you see a guy with a hot topic bag you should stop what you are doing and proceed to kick the living shit out of that guy.
Example 1

Person 1: "Nice DK shirt, where you score that shirt, at the record store?"

Person 2: "Na bro, got this shit at hot topic, cha"

Person 1: "fag"

Example 2

Person 1: "check out that chick......shes got a hot topic bag"

Person 2: "Slut"
by robsayfuckthesystem December 03, 2008
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