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A CD made up of the top 40 hits such as "My Happy Ending", "My Boo", "Let's Get it (Started/Retarded)" & etc. Performed by a bunch of kids with high, whiney voices, ruining the already crappy music, unless they are doing a song such as "Float On" by Modest Mouse. Most of the songs are horribly inapropriate but the children are young and innocent therefore completely ignorant of WHAT they are singing.
For example, "My Happy Ending", written and performed by someone who thinks that simply because he/she can play several chords on a guitar can sing about sk8ter bois, hang out with the guys, wear her pants too low, and flip everone off. She also happens to performe some country. The whiney children sing this song completely oblivious to its lyrics and they put it on the CD and -haha!- everyone buys it so the kids can grow up to shop at abercrombie or Pac Sun.
by evilpyschopenguin February 19, 2005
a place visited by posers who like to make other people feel sorry for them by buying black clothing that costs just as much as it would be at abercrombie. just as mainstream as every other store in the mall, they carry scary shirts containing pictures of good movies, essentially turning them into "goth" or "stoner" movies. they also blare crappy music including korn, which is the only band i've heard of that has parental advisory on their CD not just becuase of swearing but because of "violent content". what, is it not good enough to swear at exes, now we have to chop them up?

this store also includes scary posters of long dead stoner rock stars. and evil jewelry that should be banned at concerts.
person 1: "i just got this awesome goth shirt at hot topic"
person 2: "omg u idiot... only posers shop there... you might as well shop at gap"
person 1: "OMG!!!!!111ONEONE!1eleven11~~111!!!!!!. i'm gonna kill u with this new evil, bloody way that i heard about on my korn CD!!!"
person 2: *flaunts gap bag*
by evilpyschopenguin February 19, 2005

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