A store that sells a more alternative style of clothing that resembles something made at home. A great store for people who like that style but do not have the ability to make their own clothing. Also sells pop culture items such as Nightmare before Christmas and Doctor who stuff
Ryan: Where should we go in the mall?
Joe: I want to go to hot topic, I want to buy a Doctor Who backpack
by Psuedoduck May 26, 2014
A store found in some malls that was originally for mostly bands or gothic clothing, but now seems to focus more on Pop Culture stuff. The last time I went into Hot Topic, they had a wall of Disney Pullovers, Doctor Who stuff, some Marvel and even My Little Pony merch (for the bronies...I guess?) I rarely see anyone who shops there who looks older than 18. It's a neat store, last time I was there I got a David Tenant shirt, Wicked witch shirt, a Little Mermaid tank top and a Loki vs Thor shirt (which I now regret, as looking online they have much better Loki shirts online!)
Honestly there is probably something in here for everyone in Hot Topic...
by longlostchild December 28, 2013
mkayy, well i don't know why the fuck everyone says it's for posers, because if you like what you wear, your not a fucking poser. it's just a store people. okay, maybe it has colorful skinny jeans and studded belts and a shitload of band t's. but A.E. or Hollister or Abercrombie is filled with destroted jeans, thin shirts, leather belts, and hundred-dollar perfumes. get over yourselves.
you shop at Hollister when you want destroyed jeans.
i shop at Hot Topic when i want skinny jeans.
by Billsgirl483 March 12, 2010
the shit, a the shit store that all the shit people go to buy overpriced clothes
Hey, that jock over there thinks he's the hot topic.

Hey, lets go to hot topic to get some jeans.

Hey, people like lil wayne i would say are definetly the hopt topic.
by the hot topic February 18, 2010
A store. Simple as that. Not everyone who shops there is a poser or emo wannabe. People go there because they like its clothes.
Mark was jumped for shopping at Hot Topic the other day.
by PlumberTheFriggin3rd2 January 19, 2010
hot topic is a store i used to love going to until this new trend of "rebellious rocker teens" exploded all over the country.
i saw this poser looking guy buying a avenged sevenfold tee from hot topic so i was all "oh you like their song 'afterlife'?" and hes responds "naw sorry, i dont even know who they are, i just bought it cause Paul had it."
by E-Tag! September 06, 2008
A wasteland of dark clothes and wanna-be emos/ naruto fans
Dude, I went into Hot Topic and got a Naruto shirt!

.... wow you narutard, go cut yourself
by JoeFro March 16, 2008

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