A store that's "all about the music."

It's not about being goth. It's not about being emo, scene, etc. It's about music. They also help support bands all over america and help give publicity to smaller bands. You can get tickets to shows on their website.
It is a place where you can buy generally good quality clothes that fit many different people. The clothes generally are no more or less expensive than any other store.

Hot Topic has a lot of really cool stuff, like Invader Zim stuff, Nightmare Before Christmas stuff, and music stuff.
You can buy albums, tee-shirts, sweatshirts, posters, pants, accessories, toys, movies, shoes, belts, underwear, buttons, jewelry, etc.

Some people don't like this store because they think it is "creepy" or "goth" or "poser" or many other names that dont really mean anything, because it is just a store, like all others.
person #1: Where'd you get that sick tee?
person #2: Hot topic
person #1: EW, that means your a lame-ass goth poser.
person #2: um, no, it means i have a sick tee that came from a store, just like your awesome hollister pants.
by curiouslycross September 29, 2009
Means a store that 12-14 year old rich faggots buy clothes because they want to be "cool" like everyone else. The store is overrated. And the "band tees" they sell are all gay as fuck. All you scene trend followers need to be fucking hit in the face.
"I think I'm gonna go be a bigger faggot and go buy the gay looking metro station shirt that everybody has at the local Hot Topic."
by BigFrankyD May 09, 2009
Its a music store.. Where you buy clothes from bands and You can also find shirts and hoodies from favorite TV shows or movies.. Its NOT a "GOTH" store..
Dude, I just got a Three Days Grace band-tee from hot topic!
by Forsaken<3 November 27, 2007
A place where there are slightly over priced shirts and pants with funny sayings and band shirts. Many people believe people that shop there are trying to be rebellious or original. Where as it is just a store that people can by shirts of their liking.

Many people are afraid to go into Hot Topic because it is "Gothic" and "Scary". Maybe to you, but it is a international music store (as told by a manager that I asked) where people can also express themselves.

It is not a fake or poser store. People that shop at Hollister can be fake as well. Therefore, a lot of stores would have to be considered fake because many fakes shop at all stores all the time.
I got a Senses Fail T-Shirt at hot topic because they just got new shirts in.
by Skin Against Face. December 28, 2006
a store which is found in many malls, it tends to the more popular side of everything mass producing things like red& black and full metal alchemist. hot topic is known for it's band shirts and baggy pants, as well as high prices. as well as clothing hot topic sells merchindise and cosmetics such as hair dyes.
dude: "hey let's go check out hot topic"

me: "dude, dont you know that everything in there is overpriced and over merchendised?"
by JackTR21 August 03, 2006
A clothing/merchandise store that has increased in popularity dramatically since the late 90's (even though the store itself has been in operation since the late 80's). Hot Topic's intention is to appeal primarily to the gothic, industrial and punk crowds, although in recent years it has also had tendences to cater to the metal and emo cultures among others. The franchise is often perceived negatively, both by the cultures it claims to represent, and those who are not interested in said cultures at all. This perception comes from the fact that a) Hot Topic often only explores the most popular and accessible bands in the previously stated cultures, b) adjusts their merchandise to changes in popular trends and c) often features variations of punk/gothic clothing that is intended to be more appealing to today's youth. Additionally, many also claim the accessories are overpriced and/or cheaply manufactured, and the stores tend to attract naive, impressionable teenagers that are primarily concerned with with the materialistic and surface appeal of the cultures represented (resulting in what could be labeled as faux-rebellion and mass conformism). Despite this, some simply see the store as a convenient place to buy accessories that are otherwise difficult to find without going online or visiting speciality stores. Hot Topic is often seen as a haven for posers because of its focus on popular rock merchandise; fans of the store often have a low opinion of clothing stores perceived as "preppy", such as Old Navy or Abercrombie and Fitch (incidentally, consumers of said stores often have a low opinion of those who shop at Hot Topic).
Hot Topic is just as negatively perceived as Old Navy or The Gap is.
by Cody richeson April 16, 2006
A clothing store in malls pretty much everywhere. Although shopping at this place does NOT make you a poser, there are many posers who shop there. This store sells overpriced clothes for those who have darker tastes in clothing and cannot sew their own originals or buy it from e-bay.

Styles predominant in this store:
-Nightmare Before Christmas
-Rock Band Tees
-Black clothing
-Bondage pants
-Anime & Mainstream Culture Tees

CAUTION: When you walk into a Hot Topic, you may experience a slight tingling feeling if you are sensitive to strange vibrations. Be not afraid! These are just the giddy feelings of past customers from their feelings of uniqueness.
Clothes from Hot Topic are so cool... and original, reguardless that there are thousands of the same pair of pants.

Hot Topic: The rich goth's alternative to Goodwill.
by OnlyImagined February 19, 2006
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