A place where there are slightly over priced shirts and pants with funny sayings and band shirts. Many people believe people that shop there are trying to be rebellious or original. Where as it is just a store that people can by shirts of their liking.

Many people are afraid to go into Hot Topic because it is "Gothic" and "Scary". Maybe to you, but it is a international music store (as told by a manager that I asked) where people can also express themselves.

It is not a fake or poser store. People that shop at Hollister can be fake as well. Therefore, a lot of stores would have to be considered fake because many fakes shop at all stores all the time.
I got a Senses Fail T-Shirt at hot topic because they just got new shirts in.
by Skin Against Face. December 28, 2006
A store that is somewhat popular and turns cool things into "fads." Ruins cool animes, movies, and tv shows such as Naruto, Zelda, Full Metal Alchemist, Nightmare Before Christmas, Invader Zim, ect. Basically it just turns everything you like into a fad where everyone thinks its the coolest thing ever and half of them dont know anything about it =)
Maz: Oh, you like invader zim?
Girl with IZ tote bag: oh, yea, hes my favorite character
Maz: Remember that episode where he shrinks and is eaten by Dib?
Girl: Who was dib again?
Maz: ...
Boy: dood, I just bought a nightmare before christmas jacket from hot topic!
Maz: Youve never even seen the movie, have you.
Boy: no
by The Forgotten Maz November 23, 2006
a store which is found in many malls, it tends to the more popular side of everything mass producing things like red& black and full metal alchemist. hot topic is known for it's band shirts and baggy pants, as well as high prices. as well as clothing hot topic sells merchindise and cosmetics such as hair dyes.
dude: "hey let's go check out hot topic"

me: "dude, dont you know that everything in there is overpriced and over merchendised?"
by JackTR21 August 03, 2006
A clothing store in malls pretty much everywhere. Although shopping at this place does NOT make you a poser, there are many posers who shop there. This store sells overpriced clothes for those who have darker tastes in clothing and cannot sew their own originals or buy it from e-bay.

Styles predominant in this store:
-Nightmare Before Christmas
-Rock Band Tees
-Black clothing
-Bondage pants
-Anime & Mainstream Culture Tees

CAUTION: When you walk into a Hot Topic, you may experience a slight tingling feeling if you are sensitive to strange vibrations. Be not afraid! These are just the giddy feelings of past customers from their feelings of uniqueness.
Clothes from Hot Topic are so cool... and original, reguardless that there are thousands of the same pair of pants.

Hot Topic: The rich goth's alternative to Goodwill.
by OnlyImagined February 19, 2006
A store. thats it. thats relly all ther is to say. if you hate it, then your just another anti goth poser, trying not to be different and blend in with all your freinds. if you like it, then you enjoy the color black and dont want to walk around naked.
A: I shop at Hot Topic
B: good for you.
by bloodbath January 09, 2004
Well, yes it is a store. A chain store no less. But from what other store can you buy "punk" and/or "goth" styled clothing. there aren't too many choices to my knowledge. And where I live it is the only option. No, shopping there doesn't more or less make you different from everyone else, but seriously how many people of this generation of America are going to sit down and craft there own clothing; Not too many. (other than my self whom is a fashion Design major, and various people who are freaks like my self, Good for you to those of whom do)
You got to give credit to the company though for cashing in on the style and marketing it. Who ever is sitting in with the company has got a small fortune going on. This also falls with the fact that they are the only real chain "goth/punk" store they don't have competitors so they can charge as much as they want. I will admit though, they are horrendously over priced. I work for an independent company and we have accounts with some of the same product companies Hot Topic buys from, and they making something like a 60% profit from the original whole sale price. Which is absolutely disgusting, if not ludicrous
I some times like to wander though Hot Topic and comment on how I can make the same stupid products 7 bucks (or something)and make it look better no less.
by Angelina December 31, 2003
A Clothing Store.

I personally don't buy clothes, I inherit them.
Looky there, it's a store with clothes in it, maybe they want to sell me some clothes, let me go check it out.
by Matt Herman December 16, 2003

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