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the only place where someone can find an Alfred E Neuman What Me Worry? T-shirt. which is sad. it makes me sad.
by Anonymous September 12, 2003
A store that in its heyday ('90s-'10s) had mass appeal to faggoths, "edgy" skater kids, pop punkers and other strumous tenderlings. Common items sold there in this period included ridiculous kinky parachute pants, useless Happy Bunny accessories, CDs by Korn, HIM, Avril Lavigne and shirts displaying unfunny "ironic" slogans and overplayed pop culture references. With the decline of mallgoth fad the store renovated its image to appeal to "scene" bandwagon jumpers, replacing dominatrix pants with ball-splitting skinny jeans, nu metal CDs with screechy metalcore and endless HIM paraphernalia with neon-gore t-shirts of "scene" bands like Bring Me the Horizon and Blood on the Dance Floor. With its continuing declining sales, Hot Topic has also tried to appeal to a more "preppy" crowd by peddling worthless Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj merch. The store's bankruptcy is becoming increasingly imminent, with the "scene" trend going out of style, replaced by swaggotry, a fad already catered to by Zumiez that Hot Topic could never pull off due to its "goffik" roots. The other prominent youth trend of the '10s, hipsterdom, is one Hot Topic could never take advantage of as no hipster would ever shop at such a "mnstrm" outlet (they prefer American Eagle). And old Hot Topic shoppers are butthurt they no longer have a place to pick up edgy BDSM getups, heartagram dildos and Happy Bunny thongs. Looks like an appropriately dark future for Hot Topic...
faggoth: I just spent $85 on a pair of Tripp parachute pants at hot topic because I'm liek sooo edgy and nonconformist like that
real goth: fuck off I'm trying to read Paradise Lost and your faggotry is drowning out my Nick Cave -_-
by DemiurgicGenesis October 21, 2012
A store that is known for selling band shirts, colorful pants and fits the gothic emo scene and now mainstream styles. usually consistes of workers that have mulitple tattoos and piercings, and buyers that are trying to rebel againt their preppy ass parents, people trying to fit it, and alot of the mainstream preteen and teenage culture of today. You can get stuff from bracetels, hatchet man icp gear, hello kitty, devil wears parada, slipknot and what not. used to be a fun store, till thedamn scene and prep kids got ahold of it >.<
chick- omg i need those new tripp pants

guy- go to hot topic and get them
chick- okay, i'll get some purple dye there as well

prep1- omgz let go to hot topic and get that new hello kitty shirt!
prep2- okay that sounds so good! but they scare me there, i mean tattoos and piercings are ewie
prep1- i know!

*and no i am not making that example up, i heard chciks at the mall talking about it"
by xslipxintoxtragedyx October 18, 2009
A store that's "all about the music."

It's not about being goth. It's not about being emo, scene, etc. It's about music. They also help support bands all over america and help give publicity to smaller bands. You can get tickets to shows on their website.
It is a place where you can buy generally good quality clothes that fit many different people. The clothes generally are no more or less expensive than any other store.

Hot Topic has a lot of really cool stuff, like Invader Zim stuff, Nightmare Before Christmas stuff, and music stuff.
You can buy albums, tee-shirts, sweatshirts, posters, pants, accessories, toys, movies, shoes, belts, underwear, buttons, jewelry, etc.

Some people don't like this store because they think it is "creepy" or "goth" or "poser" or many other names that dont really mean anything, because it is just a store, like all others.
person #1: Where'd you get that sick tee?
person #2: Hot topic
person #1: EW, that means your a lame-ass goth poser.
person #2: um, no, it means i have a sick tee that came from a store, just like your awesome hollister pants.
by curiouslycross September 29, 2009
Means a store that 12-14 year old rich faggots buy clothes because they want to be "cool" like everyone else. The store is overrated. And the "band tees" they sell are all gay as fuck. All you scene trend followers need to be fucking hit in the face.
"I think I'm gonna go be a bigger faggot and go buy the gay looking metro station shirt that everybody has at the local Hot Topic."
by BigFrankyD May 09, 2009
oh my god. you kids need to grow up.

hot topic is a punk/scene/emo apparel store that sells accessories, shoes, music and other odds and ends. the prices are not as expensive as other urban dictionary users are making them out to be. most shirts are $20 and they often have major sales marking down half the store by 25-75%. trust me, ive shopped in both hot topic and abercrombie, a shirt not in clearance is the same price or more. and kids that shop there don't necessarily think that they're being original, but thats the style they like and they cant exactly walk into hollister and get it. its not like american eagle and aeropostle wearers are being original either.
it doesnt really matter whos being original and whos not. people like what they like. stop bashing.
teen: i'm going to run down to hot topic to get some new clothes. I have a rip in my power rangers shirt.
by alyssaa h. September 14, 2008
Its a music store.. Where you buy clothes from bands and You can also find shirts and hoodies from favorite TV shows or movies.. Its NOT a "GOTH" store..
Dude, I just got a Three Days Grace band-tee from hot topic!
by Forsaken<3 November 27, 2007