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The act of defecating on another's chest. AKA cleveland steamer, without rubbing it around.
We were in the mood for some scat play, so I gave her a hot thomas.
by spittinpigeon February 15, 2006
The act of farting while your partner is licking Worcestershire sauce from your anus.

Also known as: The English Spring
I gave Ferris a Hot Thomas in the common area while belting out, "Tally ho!"
by Holy Toledo August 24, 2008
The act of vomiting on your partners chest. Not to be confused with a Hot Carl which is the act of defecating on your partners chest.
That's the sickest trick I've ever had. He wanted me to put down plastic wrap and give him a Hot Thomas!
by vexie September 29, 2006
When a man craps in his own hand and throws it in a paddle fan.
Joey did a Hot Thomas and ruined Ben's coming out party.
by Joey Woberts May 04, 2006