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The act of farting while your partner is licking Worcestershire sauce from your anus.

Also known as: The English Spring
I gave Ferris a Hot Thomas in the common area while belting out, "Tally ho!"
by Holy Toledo August 24, 2008
The act of vomiting on your partners chest. Not to be confused with a Hot Carl which is the act of defecating on your partners chest.
That's the sickest trick I've ever had. He wanted me to put down plastic wrap and give him a Hot Thomas!
by vexie September 29, 2006
When a man craps in his own hand and throws it in a paddle fan.
Joey did a Hot Thomas and ruined Ben's coming out party.
by Joey Woberts May 04, 2006
The act of defecating on another's chest. AKA cleveland steamer, without rubbing it around.
We were in the mood for some scat play, so I gave her a hot thomas.
by spittinpigeon February 15, 2006
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