Slang Term for a ponographic film
I watched a hotrod last night
by Sk45 February 06, 2010
Noun. Act of giving a blowjob while having a mouthful of warm tea, coffee, water, drink. Makes a guy CRAZY!
My girl can bring her coco to bed anytime! Last night I got a hotrod!
by hotgeniusfirecrotch March 07, 2010
Any car built and somewhat customized from the period before the muscle car era (mainly during the 1920s-40s)
My '48 Fleetline hot rod can absolutely buttfuck any gay-ass tuner on the road today.
by Dirty Monkey Sex December 04, 2006
A dildo
Lisa's been stabbing herself with her hotrod all evening.
by Mercunium August 13, 2003
Sexual ebony woman.
Yo man this "HotRod" is mad in da hissel.
by Eric June 17, 2004
A beer, typically a beer in a large can (i.e. 16oz or 24oz).
Hey, I'm thirsty, hit me with one of those hot rods.
by PNash April 27, 2008
A colloquial term used to describe the result of excessive male masterbation.
Calgary: "Dude! Whats with the hot rod?"

Dakota: "Found my Dad's porn collection while my parents were out of town for the weekend..."
by Daniel Pinion October 24, 2006

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