When take wear two condoms, out hot sauce in between them, and fuck a chick. then when she starts to scream you know to pull out.
Bro last night i gave this chick a hot rod the was screamig like crazy.
by bang r good April 23, 2010
A very flamboyant gay man. Obnoxious Homo-Sexual. flamer.
Listen to how loud and annoying that gay guy is, what a Hotrod.
by messy03 April 04, 2005
When it is cold outside, and a male gets an erection, and squeezes his boner in between his legs, creating warmth to be spread all over.
Hey man, it is mighty chilly, I need a Hot Rod.
by Joe Buron November 10, 2004
when a male applies icy-hot to the condom before engaging in sexual intercourse.
"brian didn't see that hot rod coming"
by Siobhan H August 01, 2005
Sexual act involving a male and female engaged in anal sex. During the process the female flatuates creating a hot, vibrating feeling on the males rod.
My rod felt like it had been dipped in steaming hot lava after that ho farted on it.
by daveo April 29, 2004
a special little girl who cannot sing nor act...she needs to get a face over and needs a candy cane immediately (love giving head)
Hi. Im Hot Rod. I think i can sing over the rainbow but can't at all because i suck. peace
by Anonymous June 09, 2003
Phallus organ. Usually found on male species.
My boyfriend likes the feel of cold steel against his hot rod.
by N.A. June 02, 2003

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