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Baking a potato to the point of flaming hot status, and then smashing it onto someone's face. Preferably your mortal enemy. Be sure to wear oven mitts.
Veronica said "Bitch I'mma hot potato your face!"

"Did you hear what happened this weekend? Alice hot potatoed Christian's face after hearing he looked at her one too many times."
by Veronica and Alice November 16, 2010
9 12
Passing a puck or ball around at a frantic pace.
Wow that team is soo frantic.

they are passing it around like a hot potato
by De Knegt September 19, 2009
7 10
1. To hot potato
2.To Pass gas in presence of others and to immediatley pass the blame on to the closest person with a disgusted gesture or surprised face.
Dave - *Farts*
Colleen - Detects the fart
Dave - Why the hell did you do that?
Colleen-Dont Hot Potato me mother f**ker!
by Dave Fishmesiter June 04, 2007
7 18
Where a man sticks his balls into a womans vagina
I wanna give u a hot potato
by mcanallovin666 January 06, 2011
3 15
Phrase uttered when something goes your way.
-Dude, Mike's bringing his two hot cousin's with to the party.
-Hot potato!
by matt swern November 19, 2003
15 27
A sexual move in which the woman is sucking on one of the mans testicles as he stands above her. He then continuously pulls on his penis popping the testicle out of the womans mouth and inserting it back in. Each time saying "Hot potato! "
Alex: Hey Ryan, last night Jess and I played hot potato!
Ryan: Killer!
by Axel Rose March 22, 2006
22 38
Drinking from your butt while standing on your head. You will beat the breath-a-lizer every time. no joke
-Damn did you just see him do that hot potato?
by D'Arcy March 09, 2004
9 30