Some one who thinks they are the shit or has excessive 'swag'
Did you see NyNy walking around today like shes the shit?
Yea, she must think shes Hot Potatoes!
by RocKrenz July 06, 2011
Passing a puck or ball around at a frantic pace.
Wow that team is soo frantic.

they are passing it around like a hot potato
by De Knegt September 19, 2009

Baking a potato to the point of flaming hot status, and then smashing it onto someone's face. Preferably your mortal enemy. Be sure to wear oven mitts.
Veronica said "Bitch I'mma hot potato your face!"

"Did you hear what happened this weekend? Alice hot potatoed Christian's face after hearing he looked at her one too many times."
by Veronica and Alice November 16, 2010
An attractive person who seemingly can't hold on to the same partner for long(be it because of personality, drugs, psychological issues or overprotective ex-marine father), and because of this get passed along like a hot potato.
"Man, poor Jenna is such a hot potato. I'd totally tap that though."
by Sodapops March 02, 2013
Phrase uttered when something goes your way.
-Dude, Mike's bringing his two hot cousin's with to the party.
-Hot potato!
by matt swern November 19, 2003
Where a man sticks his balls into a womans vagina
I wanna give u a hot potato
by mcanallovin666 January 06, 2011
1. To hot potato
2.To Pass gas in presence of others and to immediatley pass the blame on to the closest person with a disgusted gesture or surprised face.
Dave - *Farts*
Colleen - Detects the fart
Dave - Why the hell did you do that?
Colleen-Dont Hot Potato me mother f**ker!
by Dave Fishmesiter June 04, 2007
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