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The most awsome color ever!
My favorite thing is hot pink nail polish, you can see it miles away!
I also like hot pink belts and shoe laces they rock!
Hot pink is the best color to wear with black!
by Enna B. January 07, 2005
37 35
The coolest Motherfuckin color in the whole damn box of fuckin crayons!!
Damn girl that hot pink is rockin!
by Michele January 20, 2004
139 43
A color that makes people masterbate!
I saw some Hot Pink crayons in art class, so i wipped IT out and beat it all period.
by Desto_135 March 30, 2004
65 50
the coolest, sexiest, punkiest color in the world. just dont wear all pink, thats gay, and dont wear light pink, its gotta be hot pink. o ya!!
look at that hot sexy luscious color... HEY ITS HOT PINK!!!!
by Ramones 4ever!! May 30, 2003
54 40
A seattle raver girl who is one in a billion.
Aubrey, the hot sizzle
by White Alan February 08, 2004
9 35