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A Half Life mod thats slightly more realistic than the current average Half Life mod.
Has no Health or Ammo indicators and no cross-hair, instead the player is required to use the guns iron sights to aim. Also only one or two bullets is required from any gun to kill.
Just like real life, oh yes, and it finally came out.
Hey look it's that Hostile Intent game that finally came out, its slow, methodical, and reasonably fun to play. Unlike all this mindless deathmatch thats been going around lately.
by anonymous March 30, 2004
A realistic Special Operations modification for Half-Life that has begun internal testing as of February 2003.
by N/A February 15, 2003
An IRC channel for the Hostile Intent mod..
*** You were kicked from #hostileintent by ChanServ (FUCK OFF AND RAPE A CAMEL (FlyingAttackPorcupine))
by FlyingAttackPorcupine July 16, 2003
For ever and ever (and ever and ever)...
...and ever.
"Do you promise to love honour and obey Hostile Intent?
by Anonymous April 01, 2003
A mod that is soon coming out (90% complete)
The mod Hositle Intent is near completion
by Castor Troy February 10, 2003
Terrex and CrimsonGhost attend their forums, making HI, quite possibly, worse than CS. And to think, HI isn't even out yet.
Hey look, its the rotted carcass of a raccoon that has been ran over regurgateded by a bear set a flame and covered in dog pee. Well, it's better than Hostile Intent.
by Orf- April 01, 2003
When it's done
"Hey ma, when's dinner?" "When it's hostile intent"
by Rey February 21, 2003

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