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A Horrock is a mythical creature existing only inside telephone lines between elderly gentlemen. First publicly referred to in the recent film "Alice in wonderland" (2010) by Tim Burton, this is said to have been a popular term for such mythical creatures throughout the 20th century within certain secret communities throughout the UK.
"Hang up! I think I heard a Horrock!"
by kalfish March 18, 2010
A silly mistake, one that should have been avoided.
I dont think that's been entered correctly. Horrocks!!!
by Dansalmon1980 July 16, 2008
An insult referring to the subject being a small man whos diet consists entirely of cock. Often an irritation to his peers, a Horrocks is usually associated with his only form of sustinance.
That Horrocks looks hungry, I guess he can't find any cock.
This Horrocks is being a cock.
Get this cock faggot out of here!
by Ben and the Top Cats November 29, 2007
Conkers, Bag-o-jacks, bunch of grapes. A dence cluster of internal and external piles.
AAAARRRRGH!!! I've sat on me Horrocks!
by Dave November 19, 2003
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