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Born Hope Amelia Solo on July 30, 1981, she is the goalkeeper for the U.S. women's national soccer team and arguably the best-looking goalie of all time.
Damn, Hope Solo saved another goal and looked fine as hell doing it!
by CLE440 July 19, 2011
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The best female goalkeeper in the world, and one of the best overall. She's also considered by many men the most beautiful woman in the world.
ESPN guy - "Hope Solo makes another Hope Solo like save!"
by ubern00b88 July 29, 2011
When someone is masturbating in their dorm room without checking where their roommate is and hope's they're solo in the room.
You Hope Solo'd yourself last night didn't you? I was in the room BTW.
by Chef MOE August 16, 2012
The bitch goalie that lost the World Cup for the United States. The United States was winning the championship against Japan with 4 minutes to go and she let in an equalizer. She then proceeded to miss all but one penalty kick. She was also on Dancing With The Stars.
Boy, you really Hope Solo'd that.
by ergvsag October 25, 2011

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