the art of dodging track practice because you a)suddenly have every injury and illness known to mankind, b)need to go to any one of a million clubs you were never in before, or c)don't have time and generally suck at it anyway. Alludes to the feeble, cowardly call of an overworked and crippled owl.
O man, I suck at track and can't come to practice today because I hav...hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot...
by hp track December 09, 2005
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Taken from the owl-like pokemon, who also bears a resemblance to Paul
Paul, you are such a Hoot Hoot.
by dookiegoo February 01, 2005
A cooter. The common term is Vagina.
See bread box
My hoot hoot bleeds for you.
by Ali July 19, 2004
It mean hello in any american language
"Hoot Hoot"
by gabby December 08, 2003
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