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What the catepillar was smoking out of in "Alice in Wonderland"
Tell 'em all a hookah smoking catepillar has given you the call
by anonymous November 18, 2003
1.) a silly funny name for a guys dick

2.) a silly term used for having sex

also known as "hookah hookah"
GUY:- do you wanna see my hookah? after you see it you might wanna feel it all the way inside of you.....*guy pulls his penis out*
GIRL:- looks nice......I love your hookah

PERSON#1:- did you guys hookah last night?
PERSON#2:- yes.....we hookah'd all night long.....

GIRL:- I wanna hookah hookah tonight *girl strips naked*
GUY:- ok lemme get naked first
by marilynmansonmarilynmanson April 21, 2008
a slang term for a guys dick or having sex (can also be called "hookah hookah"
guy- do you wanna hookah hookah tonight?"
girl- sure baby

random person- I love to hookah (have sex) all night long

girl- can I see your hookah?
guy- ok *pulls penis out*
by ghtyuio April 23, 2008
A hookah i somehting that I use to get faded out of my fucking mind every afternoon after school...yes i love it. its part of my heretige...and no im not a hindu...jesus...
yalla achi, bo na ashen ktzst nargila...kebalti grass chadash chaval al hazman... hahahaha
by vaks May 01, 2005
A type of tobacco. Usually smoked in a water bong device, comes in different flavors such as mango, mixed fruit, grape, rose, and strawberry.
Hey, go pack a head so we can smoke some hookah.
by K222y April 22, 2006
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