a word that you say right before the pitcher throws the ball to distract him from the game.
(pitcher is in the middle of his windup).... (HOOGIE!!!)

it works 70 percent of the time!
by juan emilio martinez March 16, 2005
Top Definition
pronounced (WHO-G)
racial epitaph used to describe whites in the deep south.
That fuckin hoogie had the nerve to tell me i wasnt welcome here.
#cracker #cracka #bitch #honkey #white devil
by skalar109 March 05, 2008
Pronounced (Who-G)

A young male/female who is...
I. Creative

II. Motivated

III. Lit when appropriate

IV. Fashionable

V. Woke
"Man young Leonardo DiCaprio was so fucking rad!"
"Yea man , he was such a hoogie."
via giphy
by Crafted Kids May 27, 2016
To eat a pickle quickly and viciously while it's dark outside.
"I just hoogied that bitch!"
#hogie #pickle #eat #quick #dark #viciously
by Miiya May 22, 2010
Hoogie - The Hair Loogie that accumulates in shower and bathtub drains.
"Hey long haired girlfriend, can you deal with this Hoogie? The tub won't drain again."
#hair #loogie #clog #clot #drain #shower #tub #bathtub
by CambridgeGuy2012 September 25, 2011
An act of bullying or a prank performed on a weaker kid, as are weggies and swirlies, where you hit the elbow of a kid who is picking his nose to jam his finger up his nose.
Next time Eugene picks his nose, I'm gonna give him the hoogie from hell!
by hoobaju May 02, 2005
Said when you see something really cute.
Oh hoogie-look at that little piglet over there.
#hoogy #cute #ahhh bless #awwww #sweet
by mel hinds May 28, 2007
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