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A sex move between a man and a woman. The man puts the woman's face into the toilet of a port-a-potty. As the woman does a handstand in the port-a-potty the man eats her box.
What does vlad like to do at Dave concerts? Give girl Honeybuckets of course.
by The Giggly Grizzly September 26, 2010
A shit house on an airplane. Lavatory on an airliner.
You get to suck the shit out of the honey bucket from flight 69.
by Simon October 14, 2004
A popular portable toilet option in the Northwest.
The festival Honey Buckets were so full of poo, no one could perform a Honey Blumpkin properly.
by J-Krack May 27, 2012
someone who is full of shit
that guy said hes really good at halo but always looses what a Honey Bucket
by horrible sanity June 16, 2011
A promiscuous woman.
Man, my sister is such a honey bucket--always fucking a different guy every night.
by BenCain August 21, 2007