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A popular portable toilet option in the Northwest.
The festival Honey Buckets were so full of poo, no one could perform a Honey Blumpkin properly.
by J-Krack May 27, 2012
The act of performing a Blumpkin in a Honey Bucket. This usually occurs at a festival or on a work site.
After she gave me the Honey Blumpkin, I locked Shirley inside the Honey Bucket with a zip tie and pushed it over. Hahah... stupid bitch.
by J-Krack May 27, 2012
When, in the moment of climax, feces escapes and lands in the partner's hair, the act of smoothing said feces in a pseudo-affectionate gesture, thereby creating a "cap" of poo.
"You're so pretty" Harry gushed, caressing Janice's hair. Little did Janice know Harry was really giving her a Toledo Shower Cap.
by J-Krack May 27, 2012
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