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A moment in which you realize something you or someone else said was homosexual.
Jessica: So you and Jake get along?

Brad: Me and Jake!? Shoot, me and him are basically inseparable!

Jessica: Uhhhh...

Brad: Shit... I think that was a homoment.
by Trabe39 November 09, 2009
the point at which, when talking or hanging out with someone, you realize they're gay, and they realize you're gay
Me and Jason were passionateley discussing musicals when suddenly it hit me....we were having a homoment.
by J-K March 07, 2006
when two people of the same gender experience a moment where they would rather be groping and kissing than talking.
Hey andie, check out those two guys over there having their homoment.
by lucytron January 13, 2003
When someone says something 'gay'.
John: Hi guys, do you think my manicure is pretty?
by Anonymous September 12, 2003
When a male acts in a way that might be construed in the stereotype of a homosexual.
I want to go on Oprah's giveaway show. Wow. Sorry. Homoment.
by libreality December 21, 2010
when you have a gay moment with someone that quickly passes
-Eric, I think I love you.
-Oh sorry, just having a homoment.
by Bum Stiggity Bum November 10, 2010
A Homo Moment. The moments a straight male or female does something considered more homosexual. Such as a heterosexual male looking at photos of other men and admiring them.
Sorry Sarah, Brad can't come to the phone right now because David Beckham is playing and he is having a homoment.
by Erik Bailey March 27, 2015

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