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A metro-sexual person who looks so gorgeous he's considered to be deliciously gay.
"Omg look- another cute guy gone gay! I swear all the good guys have turned!"

"Who him? Nah. he's not gay, he's just homolicious."

by nArUcOoP September 13, 2009
noun. used to describe something really gay or creepy. such as skating with the stars.
jimmy: did you see 'skating with the stars' last night?
jane: yeah johny weir was so homolicious.
jimmy: i know right? he scared my brother.
by jimmy johns on the moon November 23, 2010
The act of uberhomosexuality on the part of a male towards other straight males
*as caught from an AIM Messge*
JamesI Hunter: That dude is so homolicious
TheDDRAddict: Yer the homo you flaming piece of assmatter
by LaminatedKitten July 25, 2004
Describing someone as being a homosexual and delicious. But in a bad way.
Oh my gosh, you skankface. You're SO homolicious.
by Latino Fire Lover May 07, 2009
When someone is acting in a very annoying manner, or if something is proving frustrating. Can generally be substituted for gay, homo, fag or dick. But homolicious just sounds better anyway. :D
JoJo: Oi Rachee, do we have any science stuff for hwk?
Rachee: Yeah bro!
JoJo: Man Mrs L is homolicious!
by imaWOODchuck. January 25, 2009
Term for a straight man with a homosexual affectation; a metro-sexual without the style
Just because Tad listens to Emo and watches Queer Eye doesn't make him gay - he's just a little homolicious is all.
by JoeJReed December 25, 2007
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