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"Homo" with an "e". Cross between homie and homo, once again proving that rappers and their fans are gay.
Some homeos: 50 Cent, Tupac, Snoop Dog
#homo #homie #homey #homes #g
by Spatter Artist February 19, 2006
Pronounced: (hoe-mee-oh)

A homie.. A Romeo.. A friend who is your homie that is a sweet talker and romantic player type who remains single but flirts with all friends of the opposite gender.
Girl 1: who's your friend? He's really cute and funny.. I think he might be into me a little bit..

Girl 2: that's Vinnie he's a total homeo though I would invest to much into it, he's like that with everyone just for fun..
#homie #romeo #homie-o #flirt #dumb girls #playa #vinnie #baseball hat #drug deal #skinny white dude #idgaf
by Swann701 July 21, 2014
Combination of homie and homo. Can br used as a greeting or in a derogatory manner (usually towards those who don't know the meaning of the word).
"Whats up homeo?"

"You freakin homeo."
by SirPsycho7 March 28, 2005
a proven fact that Sophie is a homeo (my homey who's also a homo). So therefore the exception is made that using that term is allowed... but only when used to describe sophie... WORD!
Sophie is a homeo
#homeo #homey #homo #sophie #gaybag
by that'srightIsaidIt March 01, 2010
A person who frequently uses homeopathic means to cure what ales them.
Sally: Lately, John has really been using a lot of that ointment derived from Poison Ivy.

Kim: Yeah, John's a real homeo.
#homeopathic #medicine #ivy #poison #cure
by Ochie November 26, 2008
homosexual. used mainly by scottish pensioners.
It's those homeos from the telly.
by not-the-chairlady April 03, 2003
a boyfriend that is also a homo. From 'homo' and 'romeo'.
She always laments that her boyfriend is a homeo
#gay romeo #homo #straight #lesbian #lover #lovebird
by uttam maharjan November 30, 2010
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