whoever wrote this is such a faggot and has never seen a black person up close
\ /
congregation of blacks in one building, so they can "act a muck"

wow, that wutang concert is mad holy trinity
by - July 06, 2003
Top Definition
Slang for the combination of blood, semen, and feces. Usually occurring after anal sex (straight or gay).
Don't sit on that futon, man. It's covered in Holy Trinity.
by Sapidpaean January 14, 2009
A threesome between a man, a woman, and a shemale.
Girl-Michael assumed that Tobias and Lindsay just wanted a Holy Trinity.
by bejeezuss August 04, 2008
Shit,shower,sleep.The best way to end a stressful day, and cleanse your body and mind.
friend:"Wanna hangout later? were all going out to the bar,its gonna be a wild night!"
me:"Nah man, I'm taking the road to the Holy Trinity tonight"
by MargeD. April 02, 2014
The divine act of simultaneously penetrating all three orifices of a female companion, i.e. cock in vadge, finger up arse and tongue in mouth.
I gave Helen the holy trinity the other day.
by EddsBlog November 25, 2007
When a girl gives you a blow job and has both vaginal and anal intercourse on the first date. Variation on the Royal Sampler, in that it specifically applies to godfearing women.
Dude, you know that lame church mixer my parents dragged me too? Turned out to be the best day ever; I got a holy trinity in the confessional. Amen!
by Asna February 13, 2009
Having oral, vaginal and anal sex in a single sexual encounter
My boyfriend was so nice to me last night that I gave him the Holy Trinity.
by I'm a Believer July 08, 2013
MMORPG slang for a party combination which includes a damage dealer, damage healer, and damage absorber (tank)
Ex: Chanter, Cleric, Tank
Term most commonly used in everquest, but combination can be found in other MMO's.
World of Warcraft:
Warrior (tank)
Priest (healer)
Mage (damage dealer)
by Khaetos March 21, 2005
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