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1. To show no mercy.
2. A badass song by Led Zeppelin.
1. "I'll fight you, when I'm ready"
"Fuck that, I shall show No Quarter"
*Punches person in the face*
2. I am listening to No Quarter by Led Zeppelin.
by Tredmond April 22, 2005
1. The profession of lying.

2. Politics is often a touchy subject because often people having differing political views - sometimes radical views - however, this doesen't mean you should insult others views (as insane as they may be).

3. Politics is the process of making decisions for groups. Politics if often a word used when referring to governments. It is one of the main causes of death in the world.
1. John Howard: "Interest rates will never go up in the forseeable future!"

Years later...

News reporter: "Yes, well in recent weeks we have noticed a significant rise in interest rates...."

2. See liberal.

3. North Korea's government leaders (Kim II Sung, Kim Jong-il) used politics to set up what is often called a totalitarian dictatorship, they set up propanga in their media, (the newspapers don't have "real" news, just anti-US propaganda) there is only one TV channel, which is all about Norh Korea's "Dear Leader", Kim Jong-il.

The "quest for communism" has often resulted in millions of deaths, (see Soviet Union) when in practice, Communism is an extremely difficult system to establish and to maintain. Communist governments often become repressive dictatorships, and the whole point of Communism (to have a classless society, businesses not being able to exploit the average worker, "utopian society") becomes skewed by the government's view of becoming the strongest nation in the world (again, see North Korea).

The main reason for politics being bad is human nature - greed.
by Tredmond October 28, 2005
A word, that when used, essentially means this: "We're fucked, and we have a 0.1% chance of overcoming (Insert problem here)"
We can only hope that Simple Plan, Paris Hilton, and Tom Cruise will all die from unfortunate incidents in the next 24 hours.
by Tredmond April 22, 2005
Another amusing oxymoron.
The Business manager was talking about "Business Ethics" to his employees while he was simultaneously dumping harmful chemicals into the pastures nearby.
by Tredmond September 02, 2005
1. Something that looks so damn good, but in reality, it is bad for you. Usually, you will be curious at this particular thing, and it will end up you losing your job, or you going completely insane.
2. The best god damn Soundgarden song ever created.
1. a) Man, that looks like a fun jump, but I may hurt myself.
b)That girl is hot, but she will eventually use me up for money and take screw me over for some false harassment charge and then go and marry some shitty billionare actor.

2. Fall out and take the bait, eat the fruit, and kiss the snake goodnight...
by Tredmond July 09, 2005
It basically states that God is three co-equal persons, The Father (The Creator), the Son (The Redeemer) and the Holy Spirit (The Sanctifier). Ultimately, the trinity is a mystery beyond human comprehension.
Why is the trinity a mystery beyond human comprehension when it is man-made?
by Tredmond June 24, 2005
The type of music everyone seems to settle for these days. See also Nickelback, Three Days Grace and Linkin Park.
Everything played more than 6 times on MTV a day ranges from absolute crap to mediocre.
by Tredmond April 22, 2005

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