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Quite possibly the worst school you could ever go to. Do not be fooled by their proffesionals approach, for at Holy Family, if your the victim, it's your fault. This school is crawling with lunatic teachers. You are going to a school that is ran like a dictatorship. The crazy music teacher will exaggerate everything you do as a horrible sin; the religion teacher will tell you about a mandatory 500 word paper... A day before its due; your math placement is permanent; your back will break every day bc of homework. Forget about opinions, the principal knows what's best. We have no heating but you can't wear a hoodie. There is one teacher... She is for the student... The English teacher; she is truly the greatest teacher to walk the HF halls. She answers the cries of the junior high. Behold, a teacher far greater than any before has been bestowed to the worst school in the world. "I walk in the valley of death (Holy Family) yet I fear no evil (The Teachers) for there is a light (The Best English Teacher) that guides me." Only the worthy know her name, and only the worthy speak her name. At holy family, you can be positive that what you want to happen will absolutely positively NOT happen. Our teachers have been aides and gym teachers. The principal was a social studies teacher. We have family dynasties ruling the school. Also known as: Hofo, HFS, HFCS, Trash, etc. In the words of our "great" principle: "Change is good."
I go to Holy Family. It's sucks. I want to die.
by AmaranthineFog February 25, 2015
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