(adj) Describes a person who is so facially unnattractive he or she may be compared to someone who has been hit in the face. Term does not usually refer to attractiveness of the body.
Dude, that bitch is so hit up in the face I cannot believe that you dated her...that is gross.
by rico1128 December 23, 2006
burglary or breaking and entering, usually used for residential areas
Did you hit up that house yet?
by ECHOSIDE November 17, 2003
To be asked your gang affiliation by another gang member.
ACID:"damn foo i got hit up by brown pride yesterday".
TOO SOON: "I bet you shit your pants huh?"
by lil meno November 12, 2006
to get a jump shot made while you are closely defending the shooter.
damn boy you got hit up.
by RizoMe February 23, 2004
to go tagg on some wall, bus, car, etc..
ay blood lets go hit up the bus
by Draz June 27, 2005

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