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To have sex with a girl then never contact her again. See Fuck and Chuck.
My friend brought over a girl and I hit it then quit it.
by Nitraine October 22, 2003
Have sex, skeet, and never talk to that bitch ever again
I was drunk so I hit it and quit it
by mexicant April 17, 2005
the act of being with a person for sexual pleasure or intercourse with all intentions of no commitment or relationship following the act.
"Dude, this chick is a totally hit it and quit it"
by Haylie Steph October 15, 2007
The act of promising a girl the world, just to fuck her. after the fuck, chuck her ass to the curb then move on to her friends or the next skank
mike curran hit it and quit it, leaving these bitches with with spackled pussy and a tear in their eye.
by Kara D May 09, 2008
To have sex with someone and then dump the person.

Person1. bro, do you think you and sandy will last a long time?

Person2. no iam just gunna hit it and quit it
by Brett Ross June 17, 2008
You see someone. You like what you see. You get to know them. Then, you hit it. After you hit it, you stand up and you say thank you that way they know you appreciate what they did, and then you WALK OUT. After that, you never have any sort of contact with them ever again.
Man, i totez hit it and quit it with jessica last night
by 4shl3yk12 July 14, 2011
A termed originated by Zee, meaning one (usually a male) that has sex with a female and dumps her afterwards.
"Yeah, they had sex."

"Did he hit it and quit it?"
by ZeeCute December 15, 2013

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