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To almost run over a secuirty guard in an act of heroism
Yesterday I Hipkin'd that motherfucker
by blairrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr September 26, 2010
Hipkin = Hipster Chicken

Hipkins can often be found at the organic feed store searching for rare organic seed varietals. Hipkins are free-range fanatics and would rather have their heads lopped off then spend a moment in a cage. Often considered radicals by their peers, Hipkins are typically pacifists and abhor cock-fighting and violence of any kind. While most Hipkins sport wild, ruffled, ungroomed feathers, everyone in the farm yard knows they spent hours perfecting their feathery fros.
Damn! Did you see the fro on that rooster?! What's he think he is, some kinda hipkin?
by azstiner June 07, 2011
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