A nickname given to unnaturally fat people. Usually to yourself in order to gain sympathy from others. Although it usually makes people annoyed, angry and feel hatred toward the "hopkinson"
Sam: "Hey man, whatsup. you look depressed"
Josh: "I'm such a hopkinson"
Sam: "Don't say that, you look great"
Josh: "Thanks"
Sam: (walks away)
Sam: "Stupid fat bastard"
by Appleknight44 August 18, 2009
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'to do the Hopkinson' is a term used to refer to serious wetland, shark-related activity (i.e. prowling), named after one of the two famous marine biologists, C. Hopkinson or B. Hopkinson
'He was really doing the Hopkinson last night', meaning 'on a prowling mission last night' / 'aligning his/her sights and acquiring a target' / 'looking to get his fin wet' / 'on a mission to be the motion in the ocean' etc.
by The Lusty Pirate April 07, 2014
A name given to people when they think they are fat.
I am hopkinson!

She is hopping.
by poison10101 January 16, 2009

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