Hip Hop refers to the African American music genre and the culture which surrounded it. Its time of birth was gradual, making it difficult to name a specific year. Most sources agree on early to mid 1970's.
The music its self evolved from earlier and other 1970's black American muisic, such as Disco, Funk and Jazz.
This music paired with certain Jamaican cultures led to the use of MC's talking over the music at live shows, which would later progress into what is now known as rapping.
Other important elements to the culture include grafiti, dance (b-boys) and especially Dj'ing. Early Hip Hop music was made by a DJ using his turntables, mixer and records. The arts of cutting and mixing were used to sample parts of records to create a whole new track.
In todays sense, Hip Hop has developed huge mainstreem success, and Gangsta Rap has become less about the music and more about comercialism, making money and 'pimpin bitches.'
There is, however a large underground Hip Hop following, which vows to stay true to Hip Hop. Madlib being a prime example of a true Hip Hop artist.
"Hip Hop, don't stop"
by Josh G August 23, 2006
You can not define what Hip Hop exactly is, Nobody has the authority to define Hip Hop, However, MTV like to think they can.
There is no such thing as REAL Hip Hop because nobody can tell you what Hip Hop is and what it isn't. Both Chingy and KRS One are Hip Hop.
by _Anonymous_ June 09, 2005
In a nutshell, HipHop is musically the child of rock n roll, gospel, and jazz. HipHop is the relationship between people and environment expressed through the unique elements: b-boys, emcees, graffiti artists, DJs, beat boxers. It is an innovator of fashion, language, knowledge and entrepreneurship. Rapping is an element of HipHop, but HipHop is a way of life.
HipHop artists include: Talib Kweli, A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Pharcyde, Common, Nas, Rakim, Royce Da 5'9, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Slaughterhouse, KRS-One
by That1AndyGuy February 20, 2012
hip hop is a culture including the four main elements: breakin,dj,mc, and graffiti. The majority races are Latino and Black. hiphop is currently being over exploited by the media makin it seem to only be about sex,drugs and violence.
rap is sumthin u do, hip hop is sumthin u live.
by keynah September 11, 2003
A culture of artistic standards that only get better with time. Timeless, future classic, fresh new fine arts (graffiti/dance/DJ/MC/etc.) and the culture of them. The artists and their supporters. The opposite of biting/biters, wannabes, posers, game players, industry pimps&hoes, suckers, actors, misinterpretation, etc. Constructive Revolution and the fine arts of it, aka The Brand New Funk.
"If it ain't fresh compared to everything ever done, it ain't HipHop."
by HipHop Philosophy Radio February 07, 2015
The reason you bought a subwoofer
yo man i cant wait to listen to that fake ass hip hop bass with this new 15 inch sub in mah jeep!
by BloodTYPE R July 09, 2010
There are 4 original elements of hip hop. bboying, mcing (rapping), djing, and graffiti art.
Despite what the media and a lot of people think, bboying is the only form of dance in hip hop, then popping and locking were adopted elements to it. So if theres no popping, locking, or breaking, then its not hip hop. Britney Spears is not hip hop, thats what i would call street jazz. As far as music goes if there is rapping or djing then it is considered hip hop. And graffiti art is the use of spray cans and markers to design words and characters of your own and are usually done illigally on walls and buildings.
There are four elements fo hip hop
by steve-miller August 31, 2006
a dope ass type of music also can be called rap, but sadly it has changed dramatically to these fake niggas talking about bling and how much money they make a year after tupac died rap has gone down the gutter.rappers used to have a point to make like tupac, public enemy etc etc but now wehn u got these fake niggas like fucking 50 cent its a disgrace
nas brought us back to realization that hip-hop is dead so u better believe it!
by BZinMyPantalones May 21, 2007

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