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3 definitions by kriegz

street juice is a combination of water, and sugar. the origin of "stree juice" is unknown. but is reputed to have started in the hood as a replacement for koolaid.
guy1: whats up my nigguh?
guy2: nothin.. watchin b.e.t. sippin on some street juice
guy1: o tite tite.. man b.e.t. is like the greatest channel ever, i love how it portrays the black youth, i can relate so much.....................i love viacom

by kriegz May 20, 2007
142 12
Gnarskies, similar to Domeskies is.. to be frank, oral sex from a rather unattractive female. Thus, Domeskies is oral sex from one fine azz bitch.

All credit goes to Carlos Garcia.
Kid1: That party was legit, I got domeskies from this one bitch.

Kid2: Who?

Kid1: Chelsea... was her name I think.

Kid2: CHELSEA? That would be some gnarskies dog. That bitch is haggard hahaha. Maybe you should quit drinking...

Kid1: Fuck you.

Tavares: Awwwwe shit this niggaz crazy!
by kriegz August 21, 2008
64 8
"hip-hop" slang word for cocaine or llello
gangsta> ay yo you wanna buy some hip-hop?

white kid> uh.. na

gangsta> shiit, saggin yo pants dont want no hip-hop?

white kids friend> what the fuck is hip-hop? was he talkin about music? whatever lets go back to da crip, nahmean?
by kriegz July 20, 2006
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