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Usually are Rock fans who say Hip Hop is ONLY about the "Rims, money, women" shit. They act like they know Hip Hop when they don't have the slightest fucking clue. They seem to be surprised when we get offended by the materialistic stereotypes, but whenever us Hip Hop heads bring up all the satanic/suicidal messages in Rock, they get offended and say that that's not all Rock's about, yet they don't take the time of day to realize all Hip Hop isn't about certain things.
(Conversation between Hip Hop Haters and Hip Hop fans)
(Hip Hop Hater)Rock Listener: Yeah man, all Hip Hop is about Money and bitches.
(Hip Hop Fan) Hip Hop Head: So you've listened to Brother Ali?
Rock Listener: Who?
Hip Hop Head: Exactly. Shut your fucking mouth.
by Hip Hop 4ever September 21, 2007
A person who goes out of the way to diss Rap music, in the process attempting to piss off as many rap fans as possible. They are usually rock fans and frequent Hip Hop and R&B videos on Youtube and leave negative, single-minded and ignorant comments.
Hip hop hater leaving comment on T.I. video on youtube: "This fuckin sucks man, this ain't music this is just pointless noise - ahhh!!!!. Listen to System of a Down or Greenday - that's real music."

Angry rap fan: "Why did you click on the video on the first place, if you don't like it don't watch it, retard! We don't go on rock videos and say "This sucks, rap music is waaaay better!"
by Amachronic August 21, 2007
a person who is extremely ignorant of the hip hop culture, often whining about the tired stereotype of hip hop "being all about money, women, cars and drugs." They are usually metalheads (metal/rock fans) that love to offend hip hop fans due to a harsh intolerance of musical interests. They're always the first and last to strike, often found ranting on popular websites like youtube, leaving insanely ludicrous, sometimes even racist, comments on any hip hop-related video they can find.
hip hop hater comment on youtube: "Man what fuck is this garbage this shit sucks, you should be listening to My Chemical Romance, not this rims shit"

offended hip hop fan: "Screw you, if you weren't so busy headbanging all day, maybe you'd know something about this music. Plus, if you dont like hip hop, why the hell did you click the link?"
by JT the man April 12, 2008
A person who looks down upon the hip hop culture, usually Metal heads who go on popular websites like YouTube or even this site here and trash hip hop because they believe the stereotypes that hip hop is all about bitches, rims, money, and guns, when they never actually have heard of Tupac, Eminem, Nas, Immortal Technique, Mos Def or any other legendary rapper. These people use phrases like "music is like candy, you got to throw away the (w)rappers." or " R.A.P.=Retards Attempting Poetry" when the only hip hop theyve heard is on MTV.
*definition of rap on urban dictionary*

100. rap

Tha wOr57 g3nre of moosick evaarr!! 678 up, 87784 down

Dumb peopl liek r4p cuz they dun no r3al moosickz!

get this def on a mug

by H3adbang4lifezorz July 29, 2009 share this

*I go to ud chat*

H3adbang4lifezorz: rap sucksz r0ck rul3zzzors

ME: fuck you hip hop hater

H3adbang4lifezorz: Hip Hop suxxxx

ME: dude, do you know who immortal technique is?

H3adbang4lifezorz: Who iz dat?

ME: exactly.

*I look at a Fat Joe video on YouTube*

Rockisloife134: This is shit, listen to green day or linkin park, its way better than this shit.

Me: Hey douchebag, you dont see us saying rap is better on your satanist rock shit videos,

Rockisloife134: thats cuz rawk is better than rap, rap is all about bitches, drugs, money, guns, and rims.

Me: Yes and rock is all satanist shit.

Rockisloife134: No its nawt!!!

Me: See how annoying stereotypes are now? Now if you dont like rap then dont look at a rap video.

Rockisloife134: but rap iz still terriblez!

*I punch Rockisloife134 through the computer*
by Hahahahahahaha12 July 29, 2009
People who know Hip Hop is only about Rims Bitches and money
I dont need one. Go watch BET for 13 seconds.

Hip Hop Haters have a valid point.
by Yeya! February 21, 2008
People who know Hip Hop is only about Rims Bitches and money
I dont need one. Go watch BET for 13 seconds.

Hip Hop Haters have a valid point.
by Yeya! February 21, 2008
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