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'Hing' is another word for cigarettes. The word was invented as a codeword for cigarettes to hide that you were smoking in school. After a while the word spread and is now a commonly used word for cigarettes. It can be used as a verb also, 'hinga'. The word is usually used in the east parts of the city Lund, Sweden.
-"Hey man! Do you have any hing?"
-"Yeah sure dude, i got a whole packet of hing!"
by JC-Aight October 11, 2010
Hot Import Night Girl. An attractive asian female, gaining its acronym from a popular import car show: Hot Import Night Girl
Let's hit the club, man. I'm tryin to meet some hings!
by redblur April 14, 2009
To give up. Especially to give up when trying to guess the correct answer.

Originally used on word game channels on IRC circa 1992.
Person 1: Is the answer "42"?
Person 2: Nope.
Person 1: Is the answer "23"?
Person 2: Nope.
Person 1: Hing.
Person 2: It was 69.
by XSG November 18, 2004
v. The noise made by someone who is sitting on the toilet and attempting to push out a large turd.

Is used in context to refer to the action of kicking up a huge fuss over any matter or issue, usually trivial.
Jimmy is having a hing because he wasn't invited to Anne's party.
by December 27, 2003
what one says when lifting a heavy object
That cement block is definitely hing
by MeatballSarah April 11, 2006
Kevin's alternate name. If your name is Matt, or M@, then you MUST call people by the name of Kevin "Hing"
It comes from cutting off an IM convo on the word "thing"
M@: Sup, Hing
Kevin: not much
by Miznat March 18, 2005
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