one who calls cow as his mother , but denies bull as his father
hindus regard cow ( that too only indian breed and none else) as their mother and drink its urine. but they sell away this mother when it goes dry on milk or goes old , which then roams in markets of India eating decomposing vegetables and garbage.
by gullu November 01, 2007
The word Hindu ( H.I.N.D.U) is in fact a abbreviation ( acronym) for > Hitler In New Donkey Uniform
Hindus are facsists by thought, nature and conduct. An Australian Christian Missionary , namely Grahm Steve was burnt alive by the fascist Hindu terrorists in the indian state of orrissa few years back when he was sleeping in his jeep alongwith his little son who was also burnt alive alongwith him.

by John Francios March 15, 2008
the cow urine drinker
orthodox hindus ( called as Bra mans)insist stupidly that their indian cow urine is remedy to all diseases. so they drink it with joy and call it as gau- mutar. but say only cow ( not any other milch animals like buffalo, goat, sheep , camel etc)and that too indian cow urine have such properties, based on their bloody mythological scriptures.
by gullu November 01, 2007
N-It is the Indian way of addressing a fellow Indian
Ey Hindu wuss good ?? OR Sup my Hindu ??
by John11 August 18, 2005
A religion based on the caste system. Many people are gonna give this a thumbs down, because they're hindus. Hinduism also has many supersticions. Such as, they ask a preist (pundit) what day of the year is it auspicious to arrange a marriage. If the marriage does not happen on that certain day, the marriage is going to be a disaster. Eventhough some people say hinduism is a peaceful religion, hindus are backstabbing motherfuckers. I garuntee you, if you do a favor for a hindu, the ungrateful bastard will not return the favor when you are in need, infact he will fuck you over like a little bitch. Im not telling you to hate all hindus but thats the way MOST of them are.
Hindu- Hinduism is a peaceful religiom

Me- Your religion maybe peaceful but that dosent make you peaceful. Hindus have killed many muslim minorities in India. They also persecuted sikhs and christians. What do you say to that?

Hindu- uh....umh....thank you come again?
by Singh iz king August 23, 2007
A person of the hindu religion, also a term used for somebody who doesn't want to kill an animal for some unknown reason. Hindu can be interchangeable for hippie if you feel like making fun of a vegetarian.
Billy: But I don't want to kill the deer, dad!
Billy's Dad: Quit being such a God damned Hindu and shoot it, here, I'll do it for you.
Billy: Bambi! Noooooooo!!
by Wesley Durrance September 16, 2005
A derogatory name for the inhabitants of Bharat Bhumi.It's original Persian meaning is "slave" "low life" "thief" "black (skinned)".Muslim invaders called the "infidel" Indians Hindu's as an insult, but today it is a national identity which people are proud of.WHY?

When will "Hindu's" stop calling themselves this derogatory name?
“Moreover, it is correct that this name Hindu has been given to the original Aryan race of the region by Muslim invaders to humiliate them. In Persian, says our author, the word means slave, and according to Islam, all those who did not embrace Islam were termed as slaves.” (Maharishi Shri Dayanand Saraswati Aur Unka Kaam, edited by Lala Lajpat Rai, published in Lahore, 1898, in the Introduction)
by Tantrika February 06, 2005

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