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A Hinchy is when your fucking a girl from the back and you stick your fingers in her butthole and push down and feel ur penis.
Lastnight britney came over. I totally gave her a hinchy!
by sumbigblackguy December 06, 2010
(n) Someone who appears nice to everyone he meets but has secret plans to overthrow the earth using sarcasm and patronizing looks
Al: "that bloke's really friendly! What a nice guy"

Zo: "Hmmm I think he's a bit of a Hinchy"
by drazil710 September 01, 2009
The look one gets when they have been sniffing assholes all day, often accompanied with a scrunched face and discriminating attitude.
Mandy has been in Hinchy mood all day ever since mom told her to give Jenn's jeans back.
by Nemmer November 02, 2013
The act of looking/being gay
yo mike is being hinchy right now. Then i fucked his mom
by kurt carter December 15, 2010
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