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Of or pertaining to the Hilary in your life. May indicate ownership or reference to an idiosyncrasy pertaining to the Hilary-person:
1. Indicating ownership:
Person 1: "Oh my gosh, that sweater is Hilaryous!"
Person 2: "Oh, okay, I was wondering to whom it belonged. Hilary must have left it here, the last time she visited."

2. Pertaining to idiosyncrasy of the Hilary-person:
Person 1: "You know that thing Hilary always does, when she leaves social gatherings without notifying her friends? She seems to catch a thrill from gaining MIA status; it happens nearly every weekend."
Person 2: "Oh yes, that thing. It's never funny but so Hilaryous all the same."
by Anna Kingsley December 15, 2013
1 0
when something is so hideous it makes you laugh.
Hilary Clinton is hilaryous!
by Amy Jellybeater August 01, 2008
2 8