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Sweet, Filipino boy residing in the land of Long Beach who engages in busting missions with his crew of secret agent ninja warriors by night but does origami by day. Pokémon master of an elite team of Evee evolutions, a Hilario looks like he would be doing his homework, but low-key he's just playing Pokémon. Hilarios are usu. adorkable nerds, crazy dancers, good singers and have hearts for only that one special person.
Example #1:
Person: It's so cute how Hilario snores like a baby.

Example #2:
Person 1: Hilario speaks with a lithp.
Person 2: Yeahman, I think that's cute tho.

Example #3:
Person 1: Do you think Hilario did his SMO?
Person 2: Nawh, he was probably up late training his team of Evees.

Example #4:
Hilario: (singing) Halika dito, halika dito baby.

Example #5:
Harlee: Dude, you're ugly like that Pertagley girl.
Hilario: Don't you mean, "Perez de Taglé"?

Example #6:
The World: Dude, Hilario's mom makes the best food!
by SecretAgentNinjaWarrior March 31, 2010
Short for "hilarious". The term is often used by famous stand-up comedy twins Jason and Randy Sklar when commenting on funny events during their TV show Cheap Seats.
The Sklar brothers are hilario.
by improviduto January 17, 2006
the quietest guy you will ever meet. he tells you everything he wants to say to you just by making eye contact, but be careful he may be very confused with his feelings.
friend: hey who is that guy over there?
friend #2 : he is hilario

friend: he seems so quiet
by anaboo November 16, 2013
literally, hilarious plus one

see amazo
That chick is seriously hilario.
by Johnny Sapphire June 28, 2005
What Hillary won't give Bill. It drove Bill to seek the comfort of Monica.
If Bill had been getting hilario real regular he could have gotten a third term.
by harry flashman July 04, 2003
Abreviation of Hilarious, derived from the name of Chelsea goalkeeper, Henrique Hilário M. Alves Sampaio. Hilario is a word you should use in response to a story that someone has just told you, which was either meant to be funny and wasn't or was just an interesting fact.
"Yesterday i went to Pizza Hut and lost a slice of my could say I've lost my edge!!!!"

"Did you know that children who passed through the Wimbledon Green around the time of The Wombles being aired actually caused a litter problem because they were leaving things for the Wombles to find."
by Chris Cowley May 08, 2007
Something so hilarious you wish you could eat it in cereal form
McKenzie's description of clubbing baby seals was hilario's
by CracistCrayon and HelluvaRoman October 18, 2010
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