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Calling someone a Henrique is similar to calling someone a pimp, but unlike calling someone a pimp, when you call someone a Henrique, you're implying that his penis is as big as he is tall. A henrique is the definition of well hung.
The term originated in the portuguese town of Guia in the early 21st century, and is still being used around the country.
Yo that guy's such a Henrique, I was rolling my 6 foot blunt the other day, and he whooped out his cock and there it was, clear as day. as long as he was tall motherfucker. And as I was lookin down, 'n' contemplatin' the sight, he smoked my blunt in 1 hit.
#large #penis #pimp #barata #cockroach
by Lord of the Pigeons April 16, 2008
A higher being equivalent to God.
A sex machine.
Person whose penis is the size of a skyscraper.
Very cool dude.
I believe in Henrique, he is my faith;
He is a Henrique in bed;
Let's have sex like you're Henrique;
He is very Henrique;
#henrique #sex #god #skyscraper #faith #dude
by MamaduShinobiSeitha May 09, 2011
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